Paper Machete Lyrics - Queens of the Stone Age

Paper Machete Lyrics - Queens of the Stone Age

They’re out to get you aren’t they
The kids, the man, the chicks, the breaks
I don’t care what you say anymore
Doesn’t matter anyway
Joan of arc, victim, perpetrator
Just a paper machete

The truth is just a peace of clay
You sculpt, you change, you hide, then you erase
You think you’re brave
All the plans you made
Behind my back and from far away
Truth is, face to face, you’re a coward
Sharp as a paper machete

Now I know you’d use anything, anyone
To make yourself look clean
In sickness, no vows mean anything
So long cruelty
So long, too late
So long..
My love is dead

Is there nothing you cannot replace
You speak lioness and damsel in distress so fluently
Does your every single relation end in pain and misery
You’re a paper machete
You’re a paper machete…

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